Jagmeet leads the way in final days


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Resolutions for Ottawa convention — Résolutions pour le congrès d’Ottawa

Résolutions de l’association NDG-Westmount pour le congrès d’Ottawa 2018

NDG-Westmount Riding Association Resolutions for Ottawa 2018 Convention

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La destruction des Indiens des Plaines

Voici une courte vidéo animée par la traductrice Catherine Ego sur les Indiens des Plaines. Mme Ego a récemment traduit un livre sur le déplacement des autochtones de l'ouest canadien.

Here is a short video in French narrated by Catherine Ego, a translator who recently translated a book about the clearing of the Indians from the Canadian west.


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First LEAP Manifesto Event Focuses on Indigenous Rights

Ciné-rencontre : Le Canada et la DNUDPA avec Ray Funk // Film Screening: Canada and UNDRIP with Ray Funk


On February 9, 2017, the NDG-Westmount riding association held the first of its LEAP Manifesto events as part of the policy-development process mandated by last spring's NDP Convention (see our web page npdndgwest.ca/leap and on Facebook npd ndg-westmount ndp) .

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Declaration on the passing of former MP Warren Allmand

We are saddened to hear of the passing of former Member of Parliament Warren Allmand. He tremendously contributed to improving our neighbourhood and all of Canada during his time in public office. Thank you, Warren.


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Covoiturage Trois-Rivières / Carpooling for Trois-Rivières

Chers membres et bénévoles impliqués,

La section québécoise du NPD organise une école d'été (camp de formation pour les militants) les 20 et 21 août prochain à Trois-Rivières.

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Exécutif de circonscription 2016-17 / Riding Executive 2016-17

Nous avons élu le 14 juin dernier lors de notre assemblée générale annuelle un nouveau comité exécutif pour notre association. Félicitations aux nouveaux membres élus et merci de votre implication! // At our Annual General Meeting on June 14, we elected a new executive committee for our riding association. Congratulations to the new members and thank you for your involvement!

Comité exécutif de l'association de circonscription // Riding Association Executive Committee 2016-2017
Président/President - Timothy Slonosky

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Preparing for our AGM 2016

Want to get involved with the federal NDP association in NDG-Westmount-Montreal West? Take a look at our proposed statutes for the 2016 AGM, and see which positions are up for election.

Call us at 514-700-2799 for any questions.


PROPOSED STATUTES (see within the positions on the executive committee up for election at the AGM).


Date: June 14, 2016

Time: 7 PM

Location: Unitarian Church of Montréal, 5035 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West

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News from Rebecca Blaikie, Party President

In November I was asked to lead a thorough and extensive review of our campaign. In accepting this task, I pledged to the party membership that this effort would be honest, avoid the temptation to gloss over shortcomings and ultimately offer us a blueprint forward where we would learn from our mistakes and do better next time.

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Personal Reflections from Tom Mulcair

Personal Reflections

Dear NDP Members,

I would like to thank Rebecca Blaikie first and foremost for accepting to Chair the Campaign Review Working Group. Her dedication to our movement is truly inspiring. The Interim Report already provides us with many insights that will allow us to learn from the mistakes of the last campaign and correct them for the future.

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